Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Handicapper
FX presents Adam Carolla in a performance TV Guide calls “heartwarming” and “inspirational.” Charlie was America’s best shot at Olympic gold as an equestrian. But then a tragic snow shoe accident left him in a wheel chair. Most would have given up on life, but not good 'ole Charlie. He took his knowledge of horses to the racetrack and soon he was picking more winners than anyone this side of the mob. Adam Carolla is: The Handicapper.

Doggy Style
Emery Dean is the preeminent clothing designer for dogs. Living in a Manhattan Penthouse with his gold digging wife and her self-centered teen daughter isn’t easy. Luckily, he has a talking monkey who gives him both life advice and design ideas for canine sweaters. This fall, tune to NBC for the hijinx and hilarity of Joey Lawrence and Floyd the talking monkey in: Doggy Style.

The JAG-Off
Coming this fall to CBS. From the producers who brought you “JAG.” He’s an arrogant military lawyer with a short temper. He cheats on his wife and says, “It’s all part of the job.” Political correctness is not his forte, but discovering the truth as he cuts through red tape is. People Magazine says, “Believe it or not, Busey’s done it again.” He’ll hurt your feelings and he’ll screw you over. Gary Busey is: The JAG-Off.

The Fluffer Nutters
Skip Sampson was an heir to the largest peanut butter fortune in all of Georgia. That was until 'lil Skippy fell in love with adult film star Amber LaRue - Against his family’s wishes. Moving to LA, he chose his whore over the money. But his father needed a new kidney, Skip returned home and donate his... Immediately getting him back in his high-and-mighty mother's good graces. With his money in tow and Amber’s zany friends, the laughs will be nonstop Tuesdays this fall on ABC. Denise Richards, Seth Green, and Doris Roberts playing the role of a lifetime as the overbearing Maxine are: The Fluffer Nutters.

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